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When, devoid of dhammas, it doesn’t function, in what will the mind there make its home? I will make you many and varied ornaments of gold, jewels and pearls. Like a doll made of gold, you will go about, like a goddess in the gardens of heaven, with delicate smooth kasi (hand woven) fabrics, you will shine, O beauty without compare. Practice first on a paper bag, and remember to change the direction of your hand occasionally, the idea is not to get a pattern going. Now simply pounce the paintbrush over the surface to get a mottled effect. Holding your wax stick directly over the area you wish to make your seal, allow the wax to pool onto the material. Try combining sponge painting with stenciling or decorative painting, tape off a border and use it just there, you can even sponge paint over glassware with the new glass paints available at your craft store. Can Car Details Repair Pain Chips? This gives the car a completely new look.

Why do You Need to Carry Out Periodic Car Inspections? Why do you stand in my way? I respect the (Buddha’s) message, the training pointed out by the one well gone, I am pure, without blemish; why do you stand in my way? Try to seduce one who hasn’t reflected on this, or who has not followed the Buddha’s teachings. But try it with this one who knows and you suffer. There is a very simple technique to marbleizing that is popular in the home decorating world today, and you wont believe how easy it is until you try it. For there is nothing anywhere at all in the cosmos with its gods, that would be an object of passion for me. I don’t even know what that passion would be, for its been killed, root and all, by the path. Like embers from a pit – scattered, like a bowl of poison – evaporated, I don’t even see what that passion would be, for it’s been killed by the path (Understanding how her mind works). It’s super simple, but I took a while to actually figure it out — so don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t think of this method!

Harming a person like you is like embracing a blazing fire, it’s as if I have seized a poisonous snake. It’s not proper my friend that a man should touch a woman gone forth (Buddhist nun who has dedicated her life to finding enlightenment). It is yours. (And straightaway she gave her eye to the young man. Twenty-six hundred years ago, Subbha the Buddhist nun was walking through a mango grove when a lustful young man blocked her path. The trees with their blossoming tips moan, as it were, sealing wax for sale in the breeze: what delight will you have if you plunge into the grove alone? Throw off your (yellow) robes, come, let’s delight in the flowering grove. Come, let’s delight in the flowering grove. Frequented by herds of wild beasts, disturbed by elephants rutting and aroused: you want to go unaccompanied into the great, lonely, frightening grove? When the sticks and strings are removed, thrown away, scattered, shredded, smashed into pieces not to be found, in what will the mind there make its home? I am a follower of the one well gone, riding the vehicle of the Eightfold Way: My arrow removed, effluent free, I delight, having gone to an empty dwelling (has seen through the illusion of self).

Dwelling in the calm of a palace, have women wait on you, wear delicate kasi fabrics, adorn yourself with garlands and creams. For there is no creature dearer to me than you, O nymph with the languid regard. And straightaway the young man’s passion faded right there. Like a mural that you have seen, painted on a wall, smeared with yellow paint, there your vision has been distorted, meaningless your human perception. All you need are two colors of latex paint, one a base coat that will peek through, and one a top coat, that you will see the most of, and household glue. Now choose your paint, santa sealing wax and sponge! Now for the reaction part. Knowing the unattractiveness of things compounded, my mind cleaves to nothing at all. This body of mind which is just like that, when devoid of dhammas (truths) doesn’t function. Like an evaporated mirage, like a tree of gold in a dream, like a magic show in the midst of a crowd – you run blind after what is unreal.

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